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Share a Spoon Theme - Cereal

Monday, May 9, 2011

 Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon


I was looking back through some email requests to make sure that I covered everything you Smackers have asked to see here on Share a Spoon, and what do you know...I found a theme for this week.  My faithful Share a Spoon contributor and amazing friend Stephanie over at The Blue Zoo suggested a theme we haven't done yet.

Steph says "Everyone uses cereal in some sort of recipe whether its a savory dish, or cookies, or a snack mix. Cereal is more than just quick breakfast!"  She's right too.  People put Corn Flakes on top of casseroles.  People crush it up and use it on chicken like bread crumbs.  Rice Crispies make yummy marshmallow treats, but many people use their favorite sugary cereals for fun snacks.  Chex Mix is famous for the ultimate snack mix.

So...this week, share your favorite recipe with us that includes a breakfast cereal!  Sweet, savory, snack, doesn't matter as long as it includes cereal!  If you make your own cereal with fruits, nuts, grains, etc....share that if you like too!

I know I'm late with the theme.  Cut me some slack, it was a crazy weekend, Mother's Day, and I'm never late.  ;P

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