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Share a Spoon Theme - Super Grub for Game Day

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Think Tank Momma

It's Share a Spoon THEME Time!

This week it's all about THE Big Game!

Super Grub for Sunday!

Whether you are a die hard football fan or not, everyone watches the big game for one reason or another.  Either it's the game, the commercials or just because the person you live with is a fan and they're watching.  Regardless, everyone will be watching Sunday.

So this week's theme is SUPER GRUB!  What dishes will you be eating while watching those awesome commercials and the smack down between The Steelers and The Packers?  What are your must haves?  

So tell you watch for the commercials?  The Game?  or just support the loved one who loves the game?

See you Thursday for some SUPER GRUB!


Julie M. said...

Most years I focus mostly on the commercials but this year my team is going so I'll be focusing on the game as well. Go Pack Go! Can't wait to see your super grub on Thursday!

Daffy said...

I have a great buffalo chicken dip for game day. I'm snowed in so I don't know if I have everything on hand to make it. If not...maybe I can walk to the store. I am close enough and I'm sure I'll need to get out before the walls close in one me. Mmmmm...I love game day grub!