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#FYL Blog Hop Pumpkin Mushroom Soup and a Side of Friendship

Monday, October 10, 2011

Friends You Love

Welcome to the second week of Friends You Love Monday Blog Hop!

This week's friend is Kim from Foodies Unite.  Just by the title of her blog you can tell why I love her right?  She's a fellow FOODIE!  My favorite kind of people!  Kim shares some of the most lovely pictures of some really TASTY recipes!  Also, she loves wine, and martinis and fine dining experiences.  If she lived closer, we would certainly kick it at the most trendy food spots!  Uh-huh! Kindred spirit she is for certain!  Without further adieu....

I am so tickled to be posting here with Think Tank Momma!  She is a blogger that knows about community and setting up great friendships here in the blogosphere.  When she asked me to guest post, I wasn’t sure what to write about but since we are in the harvest season, I wanted to share a special recipe with everyone - Pumpkin Mushroom Soup.

I grew up in a Foodie household.  My parents were either out to dinner or entertaining and the house was always a bevy of activity that centered around the kitchen and what was cooking.  We lived out of the city in northern Delaware with one stoplight, but we had a restaurant and shop that made up for being completely off the beaten path - The Back Burner.

Our family were regulars at the Back Burner and their signature soup was Pumpkin Mushroom Soup and it was divine.  My Mom used all of her skills to reproduce it but it was always just short of all of the ingredients.  After much wheedling, the chef shared and this soup became a tradition that is almost 30 years old now in my family.

Pumpkin Mushroom Soup says harvest and autumn but it is also one of those soups that travels well to take to a friend’s house for dinner or to invite everyone over for a cozy evening by the fire.  Although I have lived in some very warm places (like South Florida and Arizona), I still make this every year in October and November and I have passed the recipe on to countless friends.

So here is the recipe and I hope it is one of those that makes great memories and friendships for you - Thanks again to Think Tank Momma - she rocks the universe and always makes me laugh out loud...really!

Throw some butter and garlic in a pan with some day old bread cut into crouton size and make your own yummy croutons to top off the soup!

        2 TB butter
        1/2 lb sliced mushrooms (or more if you would like - I do up to 1lb)
        1/2 cup chopped onion
        2 TB flour
        3 cup chicken stock (or vegetable)
        2 cup pumpkin (canned pumpkin is best)
        1 cup cream (half and half works well too!)
        1 TB honey
        1 TB curry (or more to taste)
        Sour Cream
        Croutons (NOT package – make your own!!)

In soup pot, saute mushrooms in butter and then remove - reserving liquid as well..
In same soup pot, saute onions and then stir in broth, flour and pumpkin and bring to a boil.
Add honey, curry, S&P.
Return mushrooms AND liquid from mushrooms.
Add cream and then heat on low to medium heat.
Serve with spoonful of sour cream in center and croutons.

Thanks for being here today Kim!  Thanks for Sharing and your friendship!  


Kim at Foodies Unite said...

Thank you SO much sweetie! I am honored!

Ducky said...

This sounds awesome! Probably going to be one of those I make just for me one night. :o) But that is perfectly fine with me! I will love it, I'm sure!

I've always been a wee bit envious of those savants of the kitchen. It takes work for me...I don't mind it, but I'm just as content to do the dishes after someone else has cooked the meal. I'm super lucky Irishman loves cooking and has an awesome talent for 'throwing' things together.

Great feature! Thank you for sharing your yumminess, Kim!

Quixotic said...

This sounds so yummy! It's spring here now, so perfect soup weather, especially on a rainy afternoon like today. Think I might try it out!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

OOh, yum. Subtract the mushrooms and I'm all over this!!!

Jade said...

Sounds good, think I might try it soon. :)