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Hey, It's Okay Tuesday....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Whispering Writer over at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time does this little diddy on her blog every Tuesday.  She got the idea from Glamour Magazine and has encouraged others to give it a whirl if they like.  She always makes me smile so...I thought what the heck.


It's Okay....

To admit you gave up on daily showers the moment you had children.

If you dream of yelling at your children like Gordon Ramsay yells at his cooks and  wish you could tell everyone to "Piss Off".

That you think the idea of restaurants that don't allow children is the best idea ever even if you have kids.  Seriously, on date night?  Don't you want to eat in peace and quiet?

To love Flo from the progressive commercials.  She's funny.  Just might want to keep that one to yourself.

If you consider chocolate a food group, especially for breakfast, no matter what Michelle Obama says.

To admit that extra poundage you're carrying around has nothing to do with babies.  Period.

To pretend you were raised by wolves because you're family is completely nuts.

To admit the only reason you don't carry a gun in the car is because you would hang out the window shooting idiot drivers GTA (that's Grand Theft Auto for you non-gamers) style.

If you don't understand why The Kardashians are on television, popular or famous, no one really gets it.

If Blogger makes you want to punch babies in the face because while typing up your post it disappears into thin air and you have to retype half of the things you wrote and they aren't nearly as funny the second time.

And finally.....

It's soooooo OKAY if you are so far past WAY OVER this SUMMER HEAT that you may or may not have turned the AC down several degrees in the house so that blankets and socks are needed so you can pretend that it's FALL.

It's also totally OKAY if you hit that Facebook "like" on my sidebar!!  hint hint!

Alright Smackers this was fun!  I might have to do this again soon!  Make sure you go tell the Whispering Writer that you love this idea!


The Blue Faerie said...

Ha! I love the second one. I can totally relate because I work with squirrely middle schoolers. How I would love to invite Gordon Ramsey to my school and have HIM lecture the kids one day! :P

And I suppose I can hit that "Like" button. :) It doesn't automatically sign a contract for me saying I'm agreeing to a live organ transplant or anything, does it?

Working Mommy said...

Gordon Ramsey is my seriously. I'm sure he has a restraining order out on me for the harassing I do to him on Twitter. He has yet to Tweet me back...and it makes me sad!


WhisperingWriter said...

I'm glad you joined in :)

Love Gordan Ramsay. I feel like calling people donkeys sometimes like he does.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

I puffy heart this, and you. May have to join in next week ... ;)

Daffy said...

I would TOTALLY yell PISS OFF WHILST shooting out the window GTA style....iffn I could!

This was awesome!

gayle said...

My friend and I use to sit in the smoking sections so we wouldn't have to be around kids. Do get me wrong I love them when I have them with me too!