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Share a Spoon Theme - Homemade Take-Out

Monday, June 13, 2011

 Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon

"Homemade Take-Out"

I am super excited about this week's theme.  I was talking to my BFFs, the other 2/3 of The Wonder Triplets, Kristin of Only Parent Chronicles and Ducky from Batcrap Crazy.  I asked them for a theme for this week.  Collectively we all agreed take-out made at home would be a really FUN theme.

We all the love the convenience of take out.  However, I personally do not love the calories associated with take out.  Nor do I love the sodium, or the fact that I have no idea what the ingredients are or where they came from.  Hello? Mystery meat?  BLECH!

It really is just as fast to cook many of those things we pick up in drive-thru, or call to have delivered.  It's better for us.   AND?  It's ABSOLUTELY much less expensive to eat at home!  We all could use wallet relief right?

This week is all about what you cook at home that is a take out go to.  Pizza, burger and fries, Chinese, etc.  Share your favorite take out items made at home.  Fewer calories, less expense and waaaaay less guilt!  That's a win in my book!


Anonymous said...

Hhhmmm... Im gonna have to dig around and see if I have any recipes for this theme. When I want fast food, I usually just have fast food. lol

Babes Mami said...

ditto to BZ, when I want fast food I grab that, I will be interested to see what everyone comes up with!

Daffy said...

I MUCH prefer fast food at home...from my own kitchen. Fast food always seems like a good idea until I pull into the parking lot. Its like I literally have to force myself out of the car.

I will DEFINITELY be linking up with this one!

Kristin said...

Nachos and quesadillas are my staple fast food at home, and I have already shared those - so I need to put on my thinking cap!!!

blueviolet said...

Now this is something I think I would enjoy! I wonder what you'll all come up with!

drollgirl said...

dude. you are so right about this. the calories, the content, the preparation methods -- they can all be questionable at best. and the price! gah! sometimes it is so expensive!

AND the incidence of food poisoning has to be a LOT higher from takeout and restaurant food.

i am just as guilty as the next person for indulging in this unhealthy habit, particularly on friday nights!

Liz said...

We have a kick-ass homemade pizza recipe. The only downside is you have to make the dough a day ahead to give it time to rise.