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Share a Spoon - Carb-a-Palooza

Thursday, July 21, 2011

 Think Tank Momma

Share a Spoon


I think you all can tell, I'm a bread lover.  It's really the best thing ever.  I remember my aunt making rolls when I was little.   The smell of them baking would bring the kids running.  I also used to sit in awe watching her make cinnamon rolls.  *sigh*  There is nothing better.  When she visits we still make her bake her rolls and cinnamon rolls for us!

When we moved to FL, the rolls were replaced with biscuits.  Southern folks LOVE their biscuits.  I like biscuits, but in my heart of hearts I am a roll kind of gal.  I decided a couple of years ago that I was going to start making them myself and started testing recipes.

Now I make soft dinner rolls, Italian bread knots, focaccia, honey white bread, some wheat breads, etc.  Making bread isn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be at first.  I thought it would be difficult, all that rising and kneading and yeah,'s really not hard.  Best part?  THE REWARD is SO worth it!

As with all the recipes I share, I test and change and tweek all of these before I share them.  I've tried lots of dinner roll recipes and this is my version.

Brandee's Soft Dinner Rolls

1/2 cup warm water
1 package dry active yeast
2 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons Kosher salt
2 cups warm milk
1 stick softened (room temperature) butter
2 extra large eggs
1/4 cup sugar
6 1/2 - 7 cups all purpose flour

Prepare a large bowl with a tablespoon of vegetable oil set aside with a clean kitchen towel.

Fit your counter top mixer with a clean bowl and the dough hook attachment.  Mix the warm water, yeast package, and the salt and sugar.  (First four ingredients.)  Allow the yeast to puff.  (5 minutes)  If the yeast doesn't bloom, pour out the bowl and start over.

Turn the  mixer on low.  Add the warm milk, eggs, butter, sugar and 3 cups of flour.  Turn mixer up to medium.  Allow this to mix until the ingredients look like a cake batter.

Turn the mixer back to low.  Add the rest of the flour a cup at a time until completely incorporated.  It may not take all of the flour.  The dough should be lightly sticky.  Allow to mix on medium for 6-8 minutes.

Turn the dough out on a clean and floured counter top.  Knead into a large ball.

Roll the ball in the prepared bowl and make sure to cover all of the dough with the oil.

Cover the bowl with the clean towel and put in a warm place to rise.  (In winter I usually turn the oven on and let the bowl sit on the counter next to the oven).  Allow the dough to double in size.  Usually takes an hour or so.  (I have made this dough in the morning, left for several hours or the whole day.  It's fine to do that.)

Punch the dough in the center.  Turn out on a lightly floured surface.  Cut the dough in half.  Cut halves in half.  Cut each of those pieces in half once more. This will give you eight even sized pieces.  Cut those into thirds.  This will give you 24 rolls.

Take each piece of dough in your hands.  Push the dough in on itself with your thumbs making a soft ball.

Prepare a sheet pan with parchment paper. Evenly space your rolls on top of the parchment.  Cover rolls with towel and allow to rise.

The rolls should double in size.  Takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

I melt a stick of butter and lightly brush the rolls with half of it before baking them, and the other half when they come out of the oven.

Bake them at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. (Depends on your oven.  Check them at 20 minutes.)

These rolls are so good with soup, or anything served with gravy.  They are amazing right out of the oven!

Let me know if you try them!  I'd love to hear what you like to eat them with!!


The Random Blogette said...

Oh yum! I have never tried to make homemade rolls before. Usually I just grab some brown and serves and call it a day! One day when I get ballsy I may have to try this out. I love carbs!

Kimberly at Foodies Unite said...

I agree - I admire that you are doing it the old fashioned way! :)

blueviolet said...

Those look amazing! Beautifully golden brown!

Little Mochi said...

Those look so Yummy!!!! Will have to give these a go :)

Babes Mami said...

before moving down south I was a roll girl and now I love me a biscuit!

drollgirl said...

i am scared to make break. such a chicken. i am not scared to EAT it.

a year or two ago i had a disaster making pizza dough, so i think that made me throw in the towel with making any type of bread.

biscuits are my favorite. oh god. biscuits. biscuits with honey, or biscuits with sorgham and butter. NOM NOM. or with jelly. or with gravy if it is GOOD gravy.

guess what i am craving NOW?!

Mo 'Betta said...

These rolls look soooo good! Makes me want to go make some right now...but it's too hot!